University of Cologne (winter 2000 - summer 2013)

University of Konstanz (winter 2013 - summer 2014)

University of Witten/ Herdecke (winter 2015/16)

University of Flensburg (since autumn 2016)

MA Courses

Theories of Collective Action  Read syllabus
Introduction to Varieties of Capitalism [in English & German] Read syllabus
Institutional Change in Political Economies [in English & German] Read syllabus
Common Goods Problems in Established Democracies Read syllabus
The Comparative Analysis of Welfare States [in English & German] Read syllabus
Empirical Research on Democracy Read syllabus
Federalism in Comparative Perspective Read syllabus
Cycles of Liberal Thought Read syllabus Read syllabus
The Transformation of the State: The Industrial Revolution in a Global Context Read syllabus
Europe in the Global Economy Read syllabus
Readings: Institutional and Constitutional Economics Read syllabus
Research Seminar: The Political Economy of Mediterranean Countries Read syllabus

BA Courses

Quality of Democracy - Theories and Empirical Evidence
The Political System of Italy Read syllabus
Social Science Research Methods Read syllabus
The Political System of Germany Read syllabus
Stability of Political Systems in Western- and Eastern Europe Read syllabus
Political Extremism: Causes and Consequences Read syllabus
The Comparative Analysis of Welfare States Read syllabus
Varieties of Capitalism Read syllabus
Pluralism and Corporatism in Western Democracies

Courses taught at the Open Univeristy Hagen from Winter 1998 to Winter 2001

Governing Europe (Reading Course)
Comparative Political Economy
Pluralism and Corporatism in Comparative Perspective
International Relations
The Political System of Germany
The Political Systems of Western Europe
Theories of Democracy

Courses taught at the Cologne Journalism School for Economics & Politics from Winter 2000 to Winter 2002

Introduction to Comparative Politics
Types of Democracies
Constitutional Courts